Fort Moultrie Photo Contest

Celebrating the Power of Place!

Calling all photography enthusiasts!

Friends of Charleston National Parks invites you to participate in our annual photo contest. Capture the essence of the place steeped in rich history and natural beauty through your lens and stand a chance to win.

See contest details and prize categories here.

Up to three submissions allowed. Please include your name in the photo title(s).Choose FilesNo Files ChosenAccepted file types: jpg, jpeg, jpe, png, tiff, tif. Max. file size: 64 MB

Include a brief narrative to accompany the submission that describes the artist’s interpretation of the image(s) in the context of the contest theme.

Contest Details

  1. Contest Title and Theme
    • Title: Friends of Charleston National Parks (FCNP) Photo Contest: “Power of Place”.
    • Theme: The heart of the contest lies in capturing the power of place. Entrants are encouraged to showcase the unique essence, historical significance, and natural beauty of Fort Moultrie and surrounding grounds.
  2. Contest Period
    • Submission Window: June 1 to August 30, 2024
    • Eligibility: Photos taken at any time are eligible but must be submitted during the above dates.
  3. Reproduction
    • Top photos may be exhibited and reproduced by Friends Charleston National Parks and/or National Park Service (NPS).
  4. Photo Requirements
    • Subject: All submitted photos must prominently feature elements of the Fort Moultrie site, natural or cultural features of the fort, surrounding grounds, or support structures that fall within the site boundaries. its surroundings or any element within the fort.
    • Permissions: Entrants must ensure they have the necessary permissions for any recognizable individuals or property depicted in their photos.
    • Guarantee: Entries must be the original work of the photographer.
    • Resolution: High-resolution digital images are only accepted.
  5. Creativity and Storytelling
    • Participants are encouraged to capture the essence of Fort Moultrie in a way that resonates with viewers.
    • Participants are encouraged to experiment with lighting, angles, textures, and perspectives to let their vision shine.
  6. Prizes and Recognition
    • Winning Photos: The winning photos will receive special recognition.
      • Grand Prize
      • Second Place
      • Third Place
      • Honorable Mention
      • Fort Moultrie Site Pass Winner
    • National Park Service’s Fort Moultrie Site Pass: One winning photo will appear on the official Fort Moultrie Site Pass, creating a lasting connection to this historic site. This photo must be horizontal.
    • Display: The Fort Moultrie Site Pass winning photo will be prominently displayed in the Fort Moultrie Visitor’s Center, with proper credit to the photographer.
    • Digital Recognition: All winning photos will be recognized on NPS and FCNP social media channels, websites, and press releases.
    • Special Exhibit: Select submissions and all prize-winning photos may be exhibited at a future date to be determined at the Fort Moultrie Visitors Center for public viewing.
  7. Rights and Usage
    • By submitting an entry, photographers grant Friends of Charleston National Parks and the National Park Service the right to use their photos for promotional (including by not limited to the promotional of education programming and philanthropic projects occurring in/for park purposes.
    • The contest organizers will respect the intellectual property rights of the photographers.
    • By submitting the photo, you agree to retain all rights to any photo you submit. You grant Friends of Charleston National Parks and National Park Service a royalty-free, non-exclusive right, in perpetuity to use the photograph physically and digitally in support of the park’s mission. Photos may be cropped as needed. FCNP and NPS will credit all photographs to the photographer when possible. Your personal and company data are protected.
  8. Judging Committee
    • The judging committee comprises:
      • Tracy Stakely, Superintendent
      • Professional photographers:
        • Rob Shenk
        • Drew Doggett
      • The judging committee will carefully evaluate all submissions.
      • The winning photograph will be announced by September 30, 2024.
      • The winner will be notified via email and publicly celebrated on the FCNP and NPS websites and social media channels.

Please Note: The flying of drones over National Park sites, including Fort Moultrie, is strictly prohibited by law. Photographers will be responsible for their admission fee to Fort Moultrie.