Our Mission

Mission of Friends Groups of the National Park Service (NPS)

Friends Groups were established with the mission to provide support for the overall mission of the National Park Service Sites. In accordance with the park’s priorities and interests, the Friends strive to fund projects and programs that preserve and enhance the park’s cultural, historic and natural resources and to help others learn about and protect all that is special in the parks.

Mission of Friends of Charleston National Parks

The mission of the Friends of Charleston National Parks is to support the National Park Service in promoting and protecting local historic, cultural, and natural resources and educating the public about their significance as national treasures.

FCNP builds pathways toward educating our community about Charleston’s substantive role in American history, preserving its important landmarks, and learning about our shared legacy.

Unique Service Proposition

Through its programs, the FCNP has the opportunity to support the National Park Service to develop unique visitor experiences that incorporate state-of-the-art technology to stimulate the imagination and which intentionally support equitable access to resources (cultural, historic and natural) and learning experiences. The FCNP will engage diverse stakeholders, create collaborative partnerships and raise critical funding to support the making of living history in our community, inspired by visits to these National Parks.

Guiding Values

The FCNP will adhere to the following core values in carrying out its mission and promoting its service proposition.


Listening is our source of insight, empathy and innovation.


Our best work is produced when we treat each other with respect.


By working together, we achieve our best outcomes.


We are result-oriented and bold in our actions.


We are thankful for our supporters.


We are accountable and transparent to our donors and stakeholders.